Resource Stories for Periodic Paralysis Patients

Joe’s Experience as a Patient Access Manager (PAM) 

Let’s face it: When it comes to Primary Periodic Paralysis (#PPP), sometimes people just don’t get it. They don’t understand how you can be fine one minute and unable to move the next. They don’t know why, during a #paralysis attack, you’re unable to get yourself moving again. But Joe does get it. 

Joe is a Patient Access Manager (PAM) with the Xeris CareConnection™ team. Every day, Joe’s inspired to help people living with PPP by listening to their stories, being a shoulder they can lean on and connecting them with resources, including information about a treatment option for PPP.

Joe and the entire Xeris CareConnection™ team understand the challenges you face with PPP and are in your corner every step of the way.

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Vahe’s Experience as a Patient Access Manager (PAM) 

Compassion. Commitment. Integrity. That’s the foundation of Xeris Pharmaceuticals®.

Xeris knows that the path in #raredisease can often feel uncharted, and they know that time matters and what having no answers feels like. They have also witnessed how impactful providing hope and support can be for someone navigating through their #PPP journey – that’s why they created XerisCareConnection™.

Xeris CareConnection™ includes a team of Patient Access Managers (PAMs) who are in your corner every step of the way. They’re a direct line of support to share resources, shoulder the responsibility of helping you manage #PPP, and empower you to be confident when self-advocating in your own care.

Meet Vahe, one of the Patient Access Managers who work hand-in-hand with adults living with #PPP. His passion is to help patients navigate the ins and outs of insurance, answer questions related to the management of PPP, and how to advocate with doctors.

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Dennis’s Experience as a Patient Ambassador

When Dennis experienced his first episode of full-body paralysis at 14 years old, receiving a diagnosis of primary periodic paralysis (#PPP) didn’t surprise him. After all, his great-grandmother, grandfather, and father lived with the disease. What Dennis didn’t know was whether he would pass #PPP along to his children who never once presented symptoms.
With the close support and guidance of Xeris CareConnection™ and its Patient Access Managers (PAMs), Dennis’ choice to pursue #genetictesting would help him discover answers to questions he’s wondered about ever since his diagnosis.
Dennis’ journey and his commitment to giving back to the community through the Xeris PPP Mentor Connect Program, inspires us all. Hear how his experience with PPP and giving back to others has kept him going.
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Janine and Kirsten’s Experience as Patient Ambassadors

After Janine and Kirsten were diagnosed with #PPP, they felt isolated not knowing where to turn for support. Connecting with others living with PPP was life-changing for them both.

When Janine attended our annual conference, she realized she had finally met “her people.” And when Kirsten talked to someone through the PPP Mentor Connect™ Program, she finally felt seen.

Hear Janine and Kirsten describe the value of attending our annual conference and the impact PPP Mentor Connect, established by Xeris Pharmaceuticals®, has had in their personal journeys. To learn more about the PPP Mentor Connect program or to talk with someone like Janine or Kirsten, visit: