Periodic Paralysis Documentary Video Series

Familial Periodic Paralysis & Congenital Myasthenic Syndrome
A Rare Adventure EP 05

Meet Jeanette. She is living with a rare disease called Periodic Paralysis. Jeanette is intriguing because she has two rare diseases making her symptoms and diagnosis extremely rare and difficult. The rare diseases are Familial Hyokalemic Periodic Paralysis and Congenital Myasthenic Syndrome.

One of the exciting new ways we are advocating for Periodic Paralysis in this new initiative is the production of three unique series of videos launching on our new Youtube channel.

  1. “A Rare Adventure” is a series that highlights what it’s like living with Periodic Paralysis; including interviews with people just like you, how they get through their day, just living the adventure… day-to-day with this rare disease.

  2. “You’re Not Alone” is aimed at those who are undiagnosed or still searching for answers to their symptoms. These videos include a plethora of real-world knowledge and insight on topics such as: why can’t I move my muscles, the high probability of being misdiagnosed, people even believing you have a disease, support systems, and much, much more.

  3.  “Ask the Expert!” is a series that features leading Neurologist and Muscle Physiologist Dr. Steven Cannon directly answering your questions from our website, Facebook, Instagram, and even on our Youtube channel. Whether you are new to PP, undiagnosed, or diagnosed for a long time; we all have questions. And sometimes the answers are hard to find. So, ask us! 

Each week we will share a new video right here. 

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