Share Your #Unselfie for GivingTuesday

As we continue to share our Facts that Give Back each week, we would love to share all the creative ways that everyone is giving back to their community and themselves too. 

One of the most important aspects of dealing with this debilitating disease is knowing that our mental and emotional state plays a huge role in how we are able to cope. We must stay strong, positive, and never give up if we are going to overcome the daily challenges associated with PP.

Here at the PPA, we truly believe that the best way to stay motivated is to rally together! And that’s what we’re here to do. We also know that positivity is contagious. To support each other, we invite you to join us and share your #unselfie! 

What’s an #unselfie? It’s a photo or video sharing a positive and uplifting message about giving back. Here’s how you can make the best #unselfie and share it with the world.

Create a 1 minute or less inspiring video message answering 1 of the following questions.

You can also print this #Unselfie template and write your message and take a photo with it!

  • How does your caregiver give back to you and how does that make you feel? We know how important your caregiver is to you. Share with the world what makes them so special. 
  • What’s your favorite way to give back to your community? This could be your local community or the PP community. It could be giving back to someone personally or to a whole organization.
  • What are the best ways you know to give back to yourself? It may seem selfish, but the truth is, taking care of yourself is the best way to give back. Tell us how you give to yourself and how that makes you feel.

Need some inspiration for your video?

Watch these videos see our president, Linda Feld, share her answer to all three.

Can you relate to Linda?

Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference and that’s what we’re here to do. During our online rally on December 1, we will share as many videos as we can for #GivingTuesday.

So go ahead, hit record. Tell us, how do you #giveback? Then upload and submit your video or photo message in the form on this page.

** Submissions are now closed.

Spread the word and ask your friends and family to join you in creating a real impact on December 1 by sharing what our mission means to you and why you support our organization. Make sure to use hashtag #GivingTuesday and tag us on social media so we can share too!

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