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Support Children with Periodic Paralysis by purchasing a PPA Ponies T-Shirt.

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Support Children with Periodic Paralysis by purchasing a PPA Ponies T-Shirt.

We now have “PPA Ponies” T-shirts available for both kids and adults! These shirts are a great way to proudly show your support for kids with periodic paralysis. Plus, your purchase has an impact in multiple ways!

A portion of the proceeds, for the first week, will provide scholarships for kids with disabilities to take riding lessons at SpiritHorse. The ongoing sales will fund Dr. Steven Cannon’s PP research. Dr. Cannon is one of the leading periodic paralysis researchers, and he needs funding to continue his work to learn more about PP and discover a cure. Some of the T-shirt proceeds will also go to the PPA’s Awareness Campaign so that we can keep spreading awareness of PP through new content such as videos, articles, and social media posts.

For children with periodic paralysis, having an activity that allows them to feel good about themselves physically and emotionally makes a world of a difference. When they interact with a therapeutic pony, they are not simply riding an animal but making a friend. Ponies won’t judge or criticize them — instead, they form a genuine, authentic connection. And did you know: There are some ponies that have PP, too!

Your support of organizations like SpiritHorse and the Periodic Paralysis Association has a huge positive impact on children with PP. A simple act of purchasing a T-shirt can help kids even more than you realize. This disorder is very challenging to deal with, especially for a child — so support from generous people like you provides a shining spot of hope!

*Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

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