I Never Fake It – A Medical Odyssey T-Shirt


Support those with Periodic Paralysis by purchasing an “I Never Fake It” T-Shirt.

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“I Never Fake It” – A New Perspective On Four Simple Words

You’ve undoubtedly heard or said the term, “I Never Fake It”. Though typically talking about someone’s sex life, we’re sorry to disappoint. You will not be learning how to improve your sex life here. What you will learn is that Periodic Paralysis is a REAL and rare condition. Unfortunately, many people with Periodic Paralysis (also known as PP) are accused of faking their episodes and symptoms. 

Why is this so? It’s hard to believe or even comprehend, that just a moment ago someone with PP was competing in a sport or dancing at a wedding but is now unable to move their legs or any part of their body.  The explanation for the sudden change in mobility is literally in the name. The paralysis is periodic and can happen at any time, especially following an activity. But often because so few even know about this rare disease, those who witness such events, don’t believe the person who is suffering. Thus the saying that has spread throughout our PP community is this, “I never fake it.” 

There are more triggers and information that you can learn about regarding this fascinating and complicated condition.  You can help stop this stigma in its tracks. Help spread awareness by purchasing a T-Shirt and wearing it proudly, whether you have PP or not. You can also help by donating directly to the PPA by clicking here.

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