Memorial Gifts, Honorary Gifts, Gifts in Celebration

Contributions made as memorial, honorary or celebratory gifts are normally made by check but any type of gift to the Periodic Paralysis Association (i.e. stocks, real estate, etc.) can be considered as such.

  • Memorial Gifts Memorial gifts are a powerful way to honor the life and work of someone special in your life. Families often ask that gifts be made to the Periodic Paralysis Association in lieu of flowers after the death of a loved one. Generally, the funeral home will be able to help you with the advertisement of this family wish. In addition, donors can memorialize anyone with a gift at any time. The PPA appreciates this gift immensely as it is a tangible form of loving tribute to a special person, whether a member of the PPA or not. We provide written acknowledgement of each gift to the source of the donation.

  • Memorial Gifts An Honorary gift is given as a thoughtful way to honor someone special. Members’ families often contribute gifts in honor of someone who provided special care. Anyone can be honored with a special gift to the Periodic Paralysis Assocation; a special teacher, mentor, colleague, friend or family member. Please include this information and we will ensure notification to the honoree that a gift has been made in his or her honor.

  • Gifts in Celebration Gifts to the Periodic Paralysis Association are also a thoughtful birthday or anniversary gift. Some couples choose to list the PPA for gifts in celebration of their wedding day or anniversary. Holiday gifts can also save time while being meaningful. If you would like a tribute card sent to the person being honored, please include information and we’ll notify your special friend or family member that a gift in celebration has been made in their name.