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Therapeutic Horseback Riding for Children with Periodic Paralysis

Date/Time: April 8, 2021 at 11 AM EST

Does your child need a fun activity that is not only something they can do but is also fun?

Listen in as therapeutic riding instructors discuss the benefits of riding for muscle strength and balance but also the interaction between children and horses to build self-esteem and caring for these gentle animals. Many areas of the country have this available and it is often offered free to children with disabilities!

Therapeutic horseback riding is a form of therapy for people who have a range of disabilities, including physical, emotional, cognitive, and social.

SpiritHorse provides therapeutic horseback riding services to children and adults with both physical and emotional disabilities. We are part of a group that currently serves more children than any center in the world.

SpiritHorse has developed a research-based program of equine-assisted healthcare, which it has a different goal than that of recreational therapy.

Championing the use of retired show and rescue horses and ponies is also a major goal at SpiritHorse. These horses are ideal for this type of work because they have had years of professional training and show experience. These schoolmasters are the safest mounts for children with disabilities.

We believe that children with disabilities have very accessible and beautiful spirits. We also believe that this spiritual connection between horse and child is what makes this intervention work.

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