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Medical Disclaimer

The health care providers on this page represent names volunteered by individuals or colleagues who indicated a positive experience with that health care provider in his or her dealings with ion channelopathy patients.  The PPA makes no warranty as to the credentials, skill, or outcomes of the listed providers.  What may be a good provider for some may be a poor provider for others.   This list in no way represents an endorsement by the PPA of the providers on this list.

This list represents suggestions from PPA members or correspondents and does not represent an endorsement of the physicians or institutions appearing in the list by the PPA.  The PPA does verify the contact information of the physician prior to initially releasing the post to the website.  The PPA does not update this contact information periodically.  The PPA cannot guarantee that a positive outcome would arise from physician interactions with physicians or other health care providers on this list.  While the assumption is that posts are made because the posting person felt the health care provider is competent, the PPA is not liable for the deliberate posting of health care providers known to have rendered substandard care by the judgment of the submitter.
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