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*One-time and monthly contribution options available


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Sponsor a Periodic Paralysis mouse model. Donate          One-Time Donations
    • $10 from 36 people can sponsor a mouse for one year.
    • $30 can sponsor a mouse model for a month.
   Monthly Donations
    • $10/m from 36 people can sponsor 12 mice for one year.
    • $30/m can sponsor a mouse model for one year.
These may sound like minor expenses, but Dr. Cannon’s research lab maintains about 150 cages = $54,750 per year. Every little bit helps us get one step closer to the answers we all seek.  
  Sponsor A Hour of Research for Dr. Cannon’s Lab at UCLA Donate      One-Time Donations
  • $5 donated by 19 people can sponsor one hour of research.
  • $95 can sponsor an hour of research for one type of Periodic paralysis.
  • $375 can sponsor an hour of research for ALL types of Periodic paralysis.
   Monthly Donations
  • $5/m from 19 people can sponsor one hour of research every month.
  • $95/m can sponsor one hour of PP research every month.
  • $375/m can sponsor an hour of the entire research lab every month.



Matching Gifts

  Many companies match employee gifts to qualified nonprofit charitable organizations. These companies encourage their employees to make gifts to charities that the employees choose. The companies then agree to match personal donations with an equal or greater corporate contribution. Contact your company’s personnel or Human Resources department to determine if your company has a matching gift program and, if so, what its rules are.   Complete your employer’s matching gift form and send it along with your gift to the Periodic Paralysis Association. We will complete the form and return it to your company for processing. Send to: Periodic Paralysis Association, 744 Lake Brim Drive Winter Garden, FL 34787

Mission and Goals

  Through the tireless voluntary efforts of the PPA Board and a small circle of exceptionally motivated volunteers, the PPA has been able to help this special community in a variety of ways, from assisting members individually to providing resources to the community at large.   We have begun making great strides toward better characterizing and finding new treatments for this class of disorder. Our goals are many and require funding greater than our conferences and other prior fundraising efforts can generate. To this end, we humbly ask you to remember the PPA in your charitable giving. A donation to the PPA is a tax-deductible gift and expression of goodwill.   If you would like to speak to someone about your contribution interests, please Contact Us.   Click here to see our Donor Wall of Contributions. Click here to read our Donor Bill of Rights. Click here to read about giving Memorial Gifts and more.