Diary to track Periodic Paralysis Attacks

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provided by Dr. Bas Stunnenberg Diary to track Periodic Paralysis Attacks of Radboud University Medical Centre, Netherlands.

Attack diary

Periodic Paralyses (HypoPP, NormoPP, HyperPP and ATS)

Version 2: Oct 2015 Translated into English for the Periodic Paralysis Association

Author: Bas Stunnenberg, MD/ PhD-candidate, resident Neurology, Radboud University Medical Center Nijmegen, Netherlands


Example: You (a HypoPP patient) wake up in the morning (8 am) of Januari 1 2016 with an attacks of muscle weakness of the arms and legs. The evening before the attack you had a big meal of carbohydrates and went to the gym. The attack duration (of subjective muscle weakness) is 2 hours and you need assistance to get to the toilet and get dressed and you can not walk without assitance. During the attack you take 120 ml (mmol) of KCl.

Attack dateAttack duration (min)Attack severity (see Attack severity) Triggering factors Attack Medication taken during attack Muscles involved during the attacks (arms / legs/ face/ all)
1-1-20161204Carbohydrate-rich meal, (rest after) exercise120 ml KClLegs and arms

Attack severity can be scored using the GBS-severity scale that was also used in the previous treatment studies on the group level (Tawil et al. Annals of Neurology, 2000).

Attack severity is scored on a 1-6 scale with: 1= no complaints, 2= mild complaints of muscle weakness but capable of performing daily tasks, 3= capable of walking without help of a walking stick, but not capable of performing daily tasks, 4= Only capable of walking with a walking stick or with support of another person, 5= Bound to bed or wheelchair due to the attack of weakness, 6= ER or ICU admission due to severe weakness paralysis of arms and legs.

For multiple attacks on one day use multiple lanes to record the attack characteristics.

Period (duration 1 month): from _____ till _____ .  [:]