Dealing with Cold Weather: Our Best Tips

Winter can be a big challenge for those with Primary Periodic Paralysis

If being cold is a common trigger for your muscle weakness, here are some helpful tips for dealing with cold weather or situations:

  • Keep heated blankets with you everywhere you go (including your car!)
  • Get your car started & warmed up before leaving
  • Buy hand warmers and keep them in your personal bag
  • Look into heated clothing like jackets, gloves, etc. They make gloves that have mobility aid features like gloves that unzip across the top so it’s easy to put them on with weakness.
  • To keep your feet warm look into adaptive socks like Beedle Bug’s that make putting socks on with weakness easier.
  • Zappos adaptive has a selection of adaptive winter shoes and boots too! Click here for more adaptive clothing resources

Cienna’s Tip: The Holidays & Periodic Paralysis

“My family is hosting Thanksgiving and normally hosts Christmas too. Instead of waiting until the last minute to prepare, I start slowly preparing so it isn’t so stressful. Also talk to other people attending about bringing a dish so it isn’t all on you. Maybe all talk about any food sensitivities/allergies you might have and try to make a menu you can all eat so no one feels left out. I always remember that the people I’m spending time with are there because we love each other. If I need to take a small nap or rest in order to make it through the celebration in a healthy way for me, that’s ok. Everyone is different and we should all take care of our bodies no matter what day it is. Chronic conditions don’t take holidays. “

Cienna is a PPA board member, activist, and patient on her own journey with PPP. She has built a strong social media presence, using her platform to raise awareness for chronic conditions and disability, and build representation of disability in fashion. We're grateful for her insights! Follow her Instagram: @chronicallyperservering