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Periodic Paralysis is a confusing and mysterious disorder that has a major impact on the lives of people who suffer from it. Not only is there currently no cure for it, but most doctors don’t even know it exists. People with periodic paralysis need help from scientists who are willing to go out on a limb to research, experiment, and advocate for those who have this disorder.

Dr. Steven Cannon is one of the leading researchers of periodic paralysis today. A neurologist, he has been in practice for over twenty years at places such as Johns Hopkins and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. He is the Chair of Physiology at UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine. He has won a long list of awards for his research and has co-authored many publications in medical journals.

Dr. Cannon has done many hours of painstaking work in his lab at UCLA to make progress with periodic paralysis research. He gets down to the cellular level, focusing his studies on ion channels, which are part of muscle cells. His goal is to learn more about what causes periodic paralysis and how to treat it — and he has to take into consideration the many different types of periodic paralysis. It’s not easy work, to say the least.

But you can help Dr. Cannon right now by donating funds for research hours in his lab! Your one-time or monthly donation is valuable for supporting Dr. Cannon’s crucial research of periodic paralysis:

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  • $375/m can sponsor an hour of the entire research lab every month.

Doing this type of high-level research requires significant funding. That’s why your donation makes such a huge difference! You can help Dr. Cannon find new breakthroughs for people with periodic paralysis and get closer and closer to one day finding a cure. Fill out the form below to donate to this vital research!

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