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Suffering from Periodic Paralysis can feel like an overwhelming journey. Often it feels like you’re alone, and that no one understands what you’re going through. But the truth is, you’re NOT alone — with the Periodic Paralysis Association, you have a strong community surrounding you.


Being a part of this powerful community means coming together, supporting each other, and taking action to make a positive difference in each other’s lives. Now you can take a big step forward in advocating for yourself and others by becoming a member of the Periodic Paralysis Association.

Whether you suffer from PP or you have a loved one who does, when you sign the PPA Pledge of Advocacy and join us, you help to make the entire PP community stronger! And when your community is strong, you are strong. Taking the pledge empowers you to know that your voice matters so that you can be a better advocate for yourself.

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The PPA Pledge of Advocacy is a written statement that you can sign when you become a member, but it’s also so much more. It’s a way of personally making a promise to continuously fight for PP patients to be seen and heard. It’s a promise to work together with other PP patients in order to improve their lives and make it easier for them to get help from medical professionals. It’s a commitment to staying informed and educated on the latest facts about PP.

In short, this pledge is about committing to being a part of something bigger than yourself, while at the same time gaining the tools you need to advocate for yourself. Pledging is an important way to benefit yourself and others who have PP.


Taking the Pledge of Advocacy means that you are pledging to keep yourself informed about PP, educate others so that they too will be informed, and connect with others who have PP so that the PP community will be supportive of each other.

“When you agree to share, the education you can provide, even if only to one person, is invaluable. Sharing with a medical professional, even if not their own, is priceless! This is all about spreading awareness and knowledge to help link things together.”

Linda Feld, PPA President


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  • Ability to Subscribe to and use the PPA Mailing Group:: PPA Connect
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Taking the pledge is easy, and free of charge. Here’s how it works:

1. Fill out the form above to register and receive your Pledge certificate.

2. Check your email to download your pledge. Don’t forget to add the PPA to your contact list so you don’t miss anything.

3. Print your pledge, sign it, and share it on your favorite social media page! Don’t forget to tag us and use #periodicparalysis and #takethepledge to help spread the word.

4. Share this page with your family and friends. Let them know they can take the Pledge of Advocacy with you!

5. If you’re able to, you can also donate to help our community grow, and increase our advocacy.

Are you ready to proudly show your support for the PP community?

Are you ready to take action and advocate for yourself to improve your life with PP?

Are you ready to be a part of an amazing community that works hard to fight for each other?

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