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To better serve our patients, we have added these videos to help provide immediate answers to our most commonly asked questions. Please review the titles of these videos before submitting your question to our experts.  

Overcoming The Challenges of Diagnosing PPP

Navigating Expectations With Your Neurologist

Wrongly diagnosed with a psychosomatic condition

What is Permanent Muscle Weakness?

What is Primary Periodic Paralysis?

What is Secondary Periodic Paralysis?

The Overlap of HyperPP and PMC

Other Conditions Commonly Misdiagnosed as PP

ClinVar - Gene Database

For those with questions about their Genetic results, please go to this link and enter the gene you would like more information on. It will provide you with the most updated information and research on that specific gene. Make sure to enter the complete location of the gene for accurate information.

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