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The Diagnostic Journey of
Linda Feld Part I
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Linda Feld Part II

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Christine Zgrabik :: Episode part I
Christine Zgrabik :: Episode part II


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The Balancing Act

Primary Periodic Paralysis (PPP) is a rare condition that causes attacks that affect your muscles, resulting in extreme muscle weakness or temporary paralysis, most often with an inability to stand independently, or even sit up. Primary periodic paralysis is not just one condition, but a group of inherited neuromuscular disorders. Although this condition is very rare, it affects about 5,000 to 6,000 individuals in the US or ~3 in every 200,000 people.
The Balancing Act

Lectures from our conferences

In Year 2019

Jack Tarlton – Genetic Investigation
of Secondary and Atypical
Periodic Paralysis
Todd Bell – Q&A with
the audience
Canine Companions for Independance
Scott Wilhoit – Strongbridge
Biopharma plc
Todd Bell – Joint
Steve Cannon- Research
Updates in Periodic Paralysis
William Caterall – Sodium
Channels and Periodic Paralysis
Stephen Lewis – Periodic paralysis,
a rare conundrum
Doctors at the podium
Subramony – Periodic Paralysis –
Ann Bealke – Mental Health Care
and Chronic Medical Conditions

In Year 2018


Dr Steve Cannon :: Research
Updates in Periodic Paralysis


Dr Annabelle Baughan :: Anaesthesia
and pre-operative care in the
primary Periodic Paralysis Disorders


Dr Michael Segal :: Explanation
about SimulConsult


Gabriel Low:: Ride for
Rare Disseases


Gabriel Low:: Ride for
Rare Diseases The movie


Dr Frank Weber:: Muscular
Channelopathies in Periodic Paralysis


Linda Feld :: Tribute to
dr Frank Lehmann-Horn


Dr Michael Segal ::
Questions and Answers


E s t h e r M e r k u s ::
To be a Patient and a Doctor


Dr Bas Stunnenberg :: From
evidence-based to personalized
medicine in skeletal muscle channelopathies

In Year 2017


Dr frank Weber ::
Muscular Channelopathies


Dr Ptacek :: Progress
on Periodic Paralysis: A Quarter
of a Century Later


Dr Todd Bell :: Periodic
Paralysis: Other Symptoms


Dr Samantha Shifman :: Getting
The Most Out of Your Pharmacy


Lecture dr Steve Cannon ::
Status overview

In Year 2015


Irm Sanderse :: My Life Changing
Experience in Ulm Germany

In Year 2013


Dr. Levitt: Differential


Dr. Grace Charles: Integrative
Medicine, Yoga, and Alternative


Dr. Weber: Anesthesia New
Drugs and Research


Dr. Cavel Greant: HypoPP Survey


Dr. Cleland: PPA Cases


Dr. Segel: Genetic Testing


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