A New Look and Feel for the PPA

Big news! Today, after 24 years in existence (and months of planning), the Periodic Paralysis Association is proud to reveal our new logo, website, and documentary video series!

We can’t tell you how honored we are to finally share our new brand with you. This transformation represents so much more than just new designs. We are transforming the way you see, feel, think, and experience your journey with Periodic Paralysis.

Read on to learn about all of our big changes, and make sure you’re on our email list so you won’t miss our future updates!

The Meaning Behind the PPA’s New Logo

Since 1997, our mission has always been to foster awareness of the periodic paralyses, promote science-based information regarding this class of disorder, and champion the interests of the Periodic Paralysis Community.

In the last few years, and especially in the past few months, we have grown tremendously. We knew this was the time to show off a fresh new look that could represent our growth for the future. 

We have felt for quite some time that our logo did not truly represent who we are. The primary role of a logo is to identify not only who we are, but why we exist.

Our new logo symbolizes our goal of being the leading advocate for everyone in this community. Whether you have been genetically diagnosed or not, or you know someone who has PP, those of us who have suffered know that Periodic Paralysis feels like an invisible illness. One minute you look and feel normal, and the next moment, you’re not — and you have no idea why. Many don’t understand. Doctors think we’re faking it. This illness makes us feel invisible to the world.

The Periodic Paralysis journey is a puzzle that we’re all just trying to put together, one piece at a time. Here at the PPA, we know more than anyone that there are many complicated pieces that make up our mysterious rare disease. Few are known, many still unknown. 

That is what makes our puzzle so rare, so invisible. Individually we are each a piece, a story to be told. Together we are the puzzle, the invisible “P.” Or maybe you see the illusion of two “P’s”, one inside the other?  

However you choose to personally interpret the new design, we hope it connects you deeper to a sense of meaning and purpose as a member of the Periodic Paralysis Association. We want you to know that you are not alone. Together, we can link these missing pieces and solve the mystery of PP.

“For me as a patient, there are so many missing pieces. I know, as we find those missing pieces, I along with so many others, will be able to feel whole again. The PPA is a huge part of helping to fill in those missing pieces and solve the mystery that is Periodic Paralysis.”

~ Monica Cramer

An All-New PPA Website

You may have noticed that our website has a whole new look! We’ve updated and reorganized the site, making it easier to navigate so that you can find the resources you need. We have enhanced the user, member, and donor experience to better serve our online community.

We’ve created a searchable resource library and a user-friendly FAQ section to help you quickly find the info you’re looking for. We’ve also added inspirational stories from real-life patients, giving a human voice that goes beyond the medical data. Plus, our new site is ADA compliant, making it easily accessible for those with disabilities. Have a look around the site today!

Three New Video Series

One of the exciting new ways we are advocating for Periodic Paralysis in this new initiative is the production of three unique series of videos launching on our new Youtube channel: 

  • “A Rare Adventure” is a docuseries that highlights what it’s like living with Periodic Paralysis; including interviews with people just like you, how they get through their day, just living the adventure… day to day with this rare disease. 
  • “You’re Not Alone” is aimed at those who are undiagnosed or still searching for answers to their symptoms. These videos include a plethora of real-world knowledge and insight on topics such as: why can’t I move my muscles, the high probability of being misdiagnosed, people even believing you have a disease, support systems and much, much more.
  • “Ask the Expert!” is a series that features leading Neurologist and Muscle Physiologist Dr. Steven Cannon directly answering your questions from our website, Facebook, Instagram, and even on our Youtube channel. Whether you are new to PP, undiagnosed, or diagnosed for a long time; we all have questions. And sometimes the answers are hard to find. So, ask us! 

Don’t Miss What’s Ahead!

We are very excited to bring you a fresh new PPA experience. There is so much more to come, so stay tuned! The number one way to stay informed about the latest PPA updates is to subscribe and become a member. Fill out the form below then keep an eye on your inbox to see what’s coming next!

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