8:45 AM Conference Doors Open

9:30 AM Welcome from the Periodic Paralysis Association

9:45 AM Dr. Cannon Speaks + Q&A

     “What is Primary Periodic Paralysis”

10:30 AM Break

10:45 AM Registered Dietitian Anita Dharwadkar + Q&A

     “Periodic Paralysis and Nutrition” 

11:30 AM Lunch  Presented by Xeris Pharmaceuticals®

     It takes more than dichlorphenamide alone to manage Primary Periodic Paralysis”

1:00 PM Dr. Chuquilin Speaks + Q&A

    “Medication options for Primary Periodic Paralysis”

1:45 PM Break

2:00 PM Dr. Cannon Speaks + Q&A

     “Potassium and Periodic Paralysis/Secondary Periodic Paralysis”

2:45 PM Break

3:00 PM Hypnotist, Co-Owner MTC Counseling Sandy Drenner + Q&A

   “Mind-Body Connection: Fact or Fiction?”

3:45 PM Break

4:00 PM Dr. Cannon + Q&A

   “Therapeutic Pipeline for Primary Periodic Paralysis”

5:00 PM Conference Ends for the Day

5:30 PM Torrent Dinner – A chance for us to learn more about you as a person, not just as a patient.

    Having Periodic Paralysis is only part of your story”



9:00 AM Dr. Harr Speaks + Q&A

  “Navigating through the Complex World of Anesthesia Medications for Periodic Paralysis”

10:00 AM  Doctor and Speaker Panel Q&A

10:45 AM Break

11:00 AM Doctor and Speaker Panel Q&A

12:00 PM Updates from the Periodic Paralysis Association

12:30 PM Conference Ends

Organizers & Sponsors

The PPA believes in the power of connection. We work with partners in the patient community and any industry who share the same goal of researching, identifying, treating, and curing Primary Periodic Paralysis.