You are not alone.

Periodic Paralysis is a group of disorders whereby patients become temporarily paralyzed due to triggers such as rest after exercise or certain foods.

The Periodic Paralysis Association is on a mission to foster awareness of the periodic paralysis, promote science-based information regarding this class of disorder, and champion the interests of the Periodic Paralysis Community.


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Meet Our Volunteer
Board Members

Monca Cramer


Monica Cramer grew up in Orlando, Florida and has a background in the equestrian industry, animal education, and bookkeeping. Monica was clinically diagnosed 9 years ago with Hypokalemic Periodic Paralysis. Recently her family became part of a study and Myotonia Congenita has been added to her diagnosis.

Evelyn Black

Growth Development

Evelyn Black was born in NJ but spent her formative years in Colombia, SA which she believes has afforded her a unique life perspective and a love for travel. Evelyn has a philanthropic spirit and enjoys volunteering as a mentor for at-risk youth and partnering with Habitat for Humanity.

Teresea Cochran


Teresa Cochran has lived in Orlando, FL almost her entire life. Teresa has Hypokalemic Periodic Paralysis. She learned at the age of 15 about her disease and over the years has gained knowledge on what her triggers are, and how to manage them along with food and medication.



The PPA believes in the power of connection. We work with partners in the patient community and medical industry who share the same goal of researching, identifying, treating, and curing Periodic Paralysis.

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